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Update October 2015

Solaris start the Europan winter with a full order book… so the yard is busy with virtually the whole range under construction.
If you’re heading to Italy you can admire the 72 classic No. 2 and a Wally 115 under construction. The yard in Forlì is the most advanced oven for high-tech yacht building which allows the team to build yachts of over 100 feet. 
The photo below shows the new Solaris 47 and 50 side by side.  Buyers of the new 47 are really appreciating the self-tacking headsail as standard and all winches in the perfect position for short-handed sailing. A further characteristic of the Solaris 47 is the vast space below deck and the new wave piercing bow. Read more
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Yachting World Review Solaris 50

We’re in Italy… we’re sailing a very Italian looking boat in very Italian conditions… and it’s fantastic!

Toby Hodges reviews the Solaris 50 for Yachting World and describes the Solaris 50 as a “beautiful sailing pleasure.” The video demonstrates how easy the Solaris is to sail even when you’re short handed. Toby also talks about the aft flare of the design and how this gives incredible down-wind speed. It’s a great opportunity to have a look at the custom white oak interior on this yacht and appreciate the level of finish. Toby also takes a look around the Solaris factory.



Peter Hrones Review from Dusseldorf

Peter Hrones sent this excited review back after seeing the new Solaris ONE 50…

“As I hopped on the new Solaris ONE 50 first thing I noticed was the clean spacious cockpit with low profile deck and a very sporty but elegant window line really defining the new Solaris range from Soto Acebal.

The in-house Solaris interior designers had the whole boat show talking about the beautifully appointed modern interior on the NEW 50, which was finished in a bleached oak wood with slightly darker bleached contrasting floor boards.

I heard exhibitors commenting that the 58 teak interior finish was better than a Swan, which has been the benchmark for the highest quality boat building in the world… again clean and simple. The Solaris dinghy storage design is the best in the business. 

I was lucky enough to bump into the very happy Michele Ricci.  Michele manages the Solaris factory and is also a shareholder. 

His first words to me were… “I’m so proud… I’m just so proud”  - I could see a tear in his eye. And so he should be proud.

For me it was really nice to hear his passion for building/designing these two beautifully yachts which are both new models for the company”.

The team at Windcraft are now working on getting these two models here by next summer so you can see them for yourself. In the meantime here is a video Pete took at the show.